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TOEIC Preparation Courses

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Level: Intermediate +

Course Length: 4 weeks+

Lessons Per Week: 20 or 28

Max class size: 12

Start Dates: Every Monday

Lesson Length: 50 minutes

Course Information

We offer 4 week preparation courses for the TOEIC exam on set start dates throughout the year.


This course offers 20 morning lessons of TOEIC preparation with the option to add 8 afternoon lessons of General English.

TOEIC (the Test of English for International Communication) is an internationally recognised English language examination designed to test the everyday English skills of people who use English in the workplace.

During your course you will be given regular, individual feedback and support from your teacher. You will also be assessed on your performance regarding the authentic test preparation materials provided and given helpful advice that will greatly benefit and speed up your journey toward your goals.


Learn Key Exam strategies & Techniques


Do mock tests and get comfortable with the exam format


Get extra help on specific areas that need the most improvement 

This course offers comprehensive TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) courses for non-native students wishing to gain a good understanding of North American English, with a view to studying at USA and Canada based colleges and universities where instruction is given in the English language.


The TOEIC Speaking & Writing exams:


The TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is designed to properly assess the student’s ability to actually use the English language in the workplace. Although this part of the exam reflects actual English use in the workplace, no prior specialist business term knowledge is expected or required on the part of the student.


The test covers the following areas:

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Organisation

  • General coherence


The TOEIC Listening & Reading exams:

This two-hour multiple choice test consists of two hundred questions that are evenly divided between the following two areas:

  • Listening comprehension

  • Reading comprehension

Following the completion of this exam, students will be scored on each section between 5 and 495 points.


The total exam score is then calculated on a scale between 10 and 990 points after which students will receive one of 5 possible colour-coded TOEIC Certificates - Gold, Blue, Green, Brown or Orange - depending on their test results.

TOEIC Scoring System:


10 - 180 No Useful Proficiency
185 - 250 Memorised Proficiency
255 - 400 Elementary Proficiency
405 - 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
605 - 780 Limited Working Proficiency
785 - 900 Working Proficiency Plus
905 - 990 International Proficiency

Example Schedule:


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